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October 30 2017

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pls stop scrolling for a moment to properly appreciate this oriental shorthair kitten

but like..,.,, will he Grow Into Them????

not really………..

Who do they both look like Kylo Ren


I may be exhausted and broke but at least I’m gay

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were watching prometheus and this guy comes on screen and my boyfriend is like “its ripped voldemort…. ITS SWOLEDEMORT”

October 24 2017

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me after a mild inconvenience


it’s weird being out in public. it’s like… so many of these people are heterosexual. they are everywhere, they might even think I’m one of them.




Me: I still really enjoy Rick and Morty despite people starting to see as a “cringy” interest 

clearly very straight white dude wearing rick and morty shirt: yeah me too, those trigglypuffs just don’t get how deep it is- 


I have the feeling that Rick and Morty is gonna be a red flag in a similar vein to Fight Club: If a dude tells you he loves it because Rick is so awesome/relatable/whatever, smile, nod, and get the fuck out of there.

yes thank you, somebody gets the point of this post 






weird how people say “ice rink” even though thers like no other type of rink. also more importantly what the fuck is a rink 

roller rink……

clearly a “rink” is any sort of zone where you move around in strange footwear

Origin of rink: 1325-75; Middle English (Scots) renk: area for a battle, joust, or race / Middle French, renc.

meet me in the fucking renk


Yeah I was embarrassing when I was 15 who isn’t. Was also Embarrassing at 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Last week. Yesterday





how yall draw 14 year olds:

I’m screaming you could not have missed the point of this post more

also yall saying “I know 14 year olds that look like this” no you don’t because this is what I meant:


Did you put the kid from stranger things on captain americas body


You know, one thing i like about Mulan is how Yao, Ling and Chien Po don’t really seem to care about the fact that Mulan is a girl.

I mean, when they find out, they are visibly perplexed


But even so, they rush and try to help her when she’s about to get killed


After this, they all seem quite depressed about having to leave her behind (and when Shang ignores her)



And when she shows up and takes action, they gladly follow her lead


And they even rock some crossdressing, like she did


(btw they just missed a great opportunity to make Shang crossdress here, shame on you movie)


Honestly, i just think this needs more appreciation. Because to them, Mulan didn’t have to prove herself again, just because she is a girl. She already earned their friendship and respect when she was ‘Ping’, and that was enough.

October 23 2017


there’s something pretty naive about simply thinking that finn just left his agency because his agent was accused of sexual assault. it’s naive when you don’t know that the people who accused the agent in the first place were men and some even underage at the time of the assault. and that’s what’s been bothering me so much about all those tweets and posts about how brave he is for standing up for women because it’s not considering that there were no women included in these claims. this is about children in hollywood. they are literally the easiest target in those situations, these men easily manipulate children make them think what they’re doing is normal and convince them to keep things in secret. please, understand that finn dropping his agent wasn’t just a statement, he (and his family, i suppose) literally did this for his own safety. he is a kid in hollywood and his agent was accused of sexually assaulting boys (around his age). 

when talking about sexual assault claims in hollywood PLEASE bring up children, include children in this conversation. kids are the most vulnerable, they don’t get to choose for themselves. 

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But they aren’t documented so they wouldn’t be pa…..nvm

This is a huge misconception for regular Americans. When the government uses the phrase “undocumented” they’re using it incorrectly because if they were truly undocumented then they would’ve be in system. However these immigrants are in the system and they pay taxes, file tax returns and get no benefits that citizens and legal residents get. They also get to see ICE showing up at their doors because the government has their addresses. Fun fact. “Undocumented” workers pays $12 billion dollars every year in taxes. https://www.google.com/amp/www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2016/10/06/how-much-tax-do-americas-undocumented-immigrants-actually-pay-infographic/amp/

Reblogging for info.

“Undocumented” just means “without papers,” i.e. a social security card, valid visa, etc. They’re still on databases and whatnot, they just don’t have the documentation that allows them to reap the benefits.

so if it didn’t click- the government is aware of their presence and gladly taking their money under the table while simultaneously promoting the idea that undocumented people are a threat and encouraging hatred and distrust of them
it’s super messed up, literally the scheme of an evil villain, and it’s really happening

🗣 undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles contribute more to the GDP than the state of Montana and like 5 other states




people in fanfiction are so good at identifying v specific smells. I literally struggle to identify vanilla when I’m sniffing a candle labelled “VANILLA” how are these kids getting woodsmoke, rain, mint, and a whiff of byronic despair from a fuckin tshirt

Once I read a fic where they were like “he tasted like” and I’m expecting the typical formula (1 cooking ingredient + 1 natural phenomenon + “something uniquely [character name]”) but instead they said “he tasted like mouth” and it was one of the greatest fic moments of my life

click and drag to find out what your shitty fanfiction kiss tastes like


October 17 2017


It’s Oscar Wilde’s birthday. You know what that means. Go out there and live your gayest life. Live your most dramatic life. Do it for the aesthetic.

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she’s literally a 14 year old girl with a myspace full of teen angst.

BoJack got famous in his twenties, so he’ll be in his twenties forever. After you get famous, you stop growing, you don’t have to. Every celebrity has an age of stagnation.”

-from BoJack Horseman, Season 2, Episode #2, titled Yesterdayland, 2015.

#the insightful horse depression show strikes again




Just thought everyone should know, the four true human emotions were revealed to me in a dream last night and they are hype, shame, disappointment, and smugness.

might i suggest:

This addition makes me very hyped and moderately smug.



48 years ago a girl said “oh fuck me” to her best friend while walking in the street, a guy who randomly passed by answered by “let me at least buy you dinner first”. I present to you my grandparents, in love since then and celebrating their 47 years of marriage today.

grandpa got game

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A Look™

So…yet another Marvel villain that I’ll be in love with lmfao

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Why am I laughing so hard

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